Webster CP Series

The CP series gear pumps are high pressure, fixed displacement pumps of pressure balanced, spur gear design. The design has been optimized to provide high efficiency and light weights by using cast aluminum front and rear housings and compacted graphite gear housings. The pressure plates are steel backed bronze for maximum strength and bearing capability.

The CP series consists of two primary product sizes: CP222 series and CP 180 series. Single and tandem versions of both sizes are available, as well as optional auxiliary pads. These pumps are applied in open center, open circuit hydraulic systems to provide output flow and pressure for hydraulic functions.

Available in displacements from 1.94 to 9.89 in3 /rev (31.79 to 162 cm3 /rev) and pressures up to 4500 psi (310 bar) the CP series is suited for a wide variety of OEM and Distributor applications.