Mini Generators (Formerly Woodward)

The Mini-Gen® Signal Generator develops an AC sine wave that can be used to measure the speed of rotating machinery or engine RPM. Most notably, the Mini-Gen is used on over-the-road vehicles where the input is sent to either a tachometer or a speedometer for determining vehicle speed. Formerly Woodward Synchro-Start is now manufactured by QCC to original OEM Specifications.

  • Mount on standard SAE 7/8-18, and E1 & E2 DIN 75 532 tachometer outputs
  • Compact, only 1-3/4″ in diameter
  • Long, reliable life under continuous speeds as high as 4000 RPM
  • Usable signal at speeds below 20 RPM (10 Hz)
  • Output signal frequency 1/2 of shaft RPM
  • Rugged zinc die cast construction
  • Plated for protection against moisture, salt and dirt
  • Optional connectors available