M25 (Formerly Danfoss Power Solutions)

The Series 40 - M25 pumps, motors can be applied in drive systems to transfer and control power. These units provide an infinitely variable speed range between zero and maximum, in both forward and reverse modes of operation.

Series 40 - M25 pumps and motors incorporate a compact, state-of-the-art design, using the parallel axial piston / slipper design in conjunction with a tiltable swashplate to vary the pump’s displacement. Reversing the direction of tilt of the variable pump swashplate reverses the flow of oil from the pump and thus reverses the direction of the motor output rotation.

A direct displacement control system is used on the Series 40 - M25 pumps. The swashplate control shaft is connected directly to the swashplate. Movement of the control shaft causes a proportional swashplate movement and change in pump flow. This control can be located on either side of the unit.

A charge relief valve and charge check valves are included in the variable pump end cap and tandem pump center section to control the makeup and cooling oil flow for the system. The charge check valves also incorporate the bypass valve function and high pressure relief valve function into their design.

The Series 40 - M25 variable and tandem pumps do not have an integral charge pump. They are equipped with an SAE “A” auxiliary pad, which may be used to drive a fixed displacement gear pump to provide charge flow and other services.

The Series 40 - M25 fixed displacement motor also incorporates the parallel axial piston / slipper design, utilizing a fixed swashplate angle.